Mission & About Us

Mission - 

Our mission is simple. Primarily, we aim to foster a helpful community of radio amateurs. With a focus on friendliness and loyalty from the Amateur's Code, we believe this task is easily accomplished.

When someone is in search of assistance putting up an antenna, studying for a license, building a kit, etc., we would like to help!

BTARC also seeks to promote building in the hobby as we believe assembling even simple things will help the radio amateur learn more about how it all works!

About the Club -
  • Membership is free and open to anyone (with obvious exclusions to the likes of super-villains and mass murderers).   
  • Instead of typical meetings, we have activities. We do things and help each other do things.  For example, when Bob wants help putting up his newly built copper J-Pole antenna, we meet at Bob's house and help him out. 
  • We plan to issue humorous awards (i.e. worked all toasters) and start a net at some point.  Details will be shared as soon as possible. 
  • BTARC has minimum structure to ensure low maintenance. We do not keep funds for the club and we do not officially own club equipment.