Jul 29, 2014

Cool New Knobs.

While recently trying to tune a quick 6 meter dipole, (the band was open and I thought I'd give it a try!) I used a bit too much haste and knocked my MFJ-269 analyzer off of the table and onto the hard concrete. Fortunately, no damage was done other than cosmetic. The mode and gate buttons fell out and I cracked a knob beyond repair.

Once everything was returned as much as it could be to the original state, I pondered what I wanted to do about the knobs. Picked up a few big ol' red ones from Radio Shack.  We have a decent Radio Shack in Belton, MO in case you were thinking to yourself, "I thought they only sold cell phones".

Anyhow, I think it looks better than before. When life hands you lemons, but new knobs on it.