Sep 3, 2014

APRS for 2 meter openings.

Recently, I've started playing with APRS as a tool for monitoring VHF band conditions. Very good idea! With a couple programs, I was able to get a map up plotting the APRS stations that I could pick up.

I started picking up stations from Iowa for a moment tonight.

The X at the bottom of the image is approximately where I live and the two circles at the top are the stations from Iowa that I was able to pick up.

The programs used are linked below...

Packet Engine Pro

Search good for instructions if you are interested in setting one up your self. With Packet Engine Pro, you do not need a Terminal Node Controller and can simply use your sound card.

We may put together a tutorial at some point when we get things a little more figured out. Until then, you're on your own. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions though!